- 330 denier breathable breathable drysuit

- Seams sealed internally

- CORDURA 1000 protections on: back, legs, seat, knees

- KEVLAR protections on: arms, shoulders, elbows, undercover, seat, knees

- TI ZIP MasterSeal watertight zip with external Kevlar protection and additional zip

- New HYDPRO D01 valves

- Loading and unloading valve areas reinforced with technical rubber

- Telescopic trunk for easy fit, with internal elastic straps and adjustable under-arch

- SOLAS approved Reflexite reflective tapes on the forearms

- COMPUTER SAFE for clock or computer on the right wrist (or left)

- Two CARGO3 technical pockets

- 4mm latex or neoprene collar

- Drainage eyelets exclusively in stainless steel

- Soft 4mm or rigid neoprene boots with rubber sole

- Customizable with logo or name (removable with Velcro)

- Weight: 3.5 kg


Attention to details, top quality materials and great strength are all features of the new SK100, a trilaminate suit for the most demanding divers, whether they are diving enthusiasts or professionals who use diving equipment for work.






- 330 denier  wetsuit

- Seams sealed internally

- Double reinforcements knees, shins, buttocks and elbows CORDURA 1000 dn

- Reinforced exhaust valve group area

- Two pockets mod. CARGO 1

- TZIP MasterSeal 10 watertight hinge

- External membrane in CORDURA 1000 dn to protect the waterproof zipper with external zip

- Water drainage holes infiltrated in the outer membrane

- Telescopic torso with inguinal fastex fixing

- HYDPRO D01 valves

- Neck and cuffs in latex or soft neoprene

- Safety strap for watch or computer on right wrist (or left)

- Possibility to mount interchangeable cuffs SI-TECH QCS OVAL (photo, optional)

- SUPER-STRECH neoprene hood of 5 or 7mm or latex

- 4mm soft socks with reinforced sole

- Adjustable elastic braces

- SOLAS Reflexite reflective tapes on the forearms

- Customizable with logo or name embroidered on the right sleeve

- Weight 3.0 kg





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